Sunday, March 7, 2010

1st Seminar Series Online Resources

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Better Questions seminar series over the last couple of months. Thanks especially to Andrew for recording and uploading the seminars, Holly for making the posters and Seomra Spraoi for all the help. Thanks also to all our speakers.

We will be addressing many of the themes which emerged in the seminars in the future, so keep an eye on the blog for information on future events.

A text of our first seminar, in which Ronit Lentin dicusses issues of race and state, can be found at

Audio recordings for all the seminars can be found at the following links

Ronit Lentin on race and state:

Mick O'Broin and Laurence Cox on Community Development and social movements:

Alessandro Zagato and Paddy Bresnihan on the work of Jacques Ranciere and Alain Badiou:

Fergal Finnegan and Theresa O'Keeffe on the concept of praxis in feminist theory and the work of Paulo Freire:

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